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SeaCurity Grab Bag

The emergency equipment is to be chosen according to the time likely to be spent onboard before being rescued.

SeaCurity  ISO liferafts contain as standard emergency equipment the so-called pack  2 ( onboard time smaller than 24 hours). This pack may be extended to pack 2 (onboard time greater than 24 hours), by packing the additional items in a brightly coloured grab  bag which must be able to float for 30 min in the water when fully packed.

Quantity of additional items vary in accordance to the capacity of the liferaft. Therefore, we offer two sizes of grab bags: Small for liferafts with a capacity of 4 persons, big for liferafts with a capacity of 6 or 8 persons.

In addition we offer the grab bags in the following two colours: Neon-yellow and neon-orange.



Cradles for liferaft canisters