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Hydrostatic Release Unit: HRU-LR 2

HRU-LR2 is a device to be used in the maritime sector for commercial vessels, oil platforms, cruise ships, military vessels, yachts, leisure crafts, as well as evacuation systems in the aviation sector. It has been developed for emergency conditions where liferafts cannot be any longer manually released from ist deck cradle although the vessel starts already to submerge. It activates a blade to cut the rope which fixes the liferaft to the ship before the vessel reaches a depth of not more than 4 meters. Safetmade HRU-LR2 has a new separate weak-link-system which releases the liferaft from the ship once it is inflated.

Service Life: 2 years after installation


  • SOLAS/MED 0474/17

  • USCG 160.162/EC0474/MED085415XT/005

  • Russian River Register 07-11.1-5.8.2-0330

  • Russian Maritime Register of Shipping 17.10258.240