Life jackets and accessories

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Pet Life Jacket with leash line

This life jacket for dogs in neon-green colour is easy to don using the three belt buckles and is available in 4 sizes. It is sold together with a leash line in a similar colour, 2.50 meters long and 12 mm in diameter, which is buoyant due to its features and has two comfortable handles and a snap shackle.

The life jacket is made of a durable nylon oxford fabric.

In order to determine the right size of the life jacket for the dog, the dog's chest must be measured about 4 fingers wide behind the front legs using a soft tape. You then choose the life jacket according to the following table:


Size                         Chest Circumference                          Neck Circumference

  S                                      28 – 33 cm                                             26 – 31 cm

 M                                      36 – 44 cm                                            33 – 41 cm

  L                                       59 – 67 cm                                           49 – 56 cm

 XL                                     69 – 80 cm                                            59 – 67 cm


All 3 belts can still be adjusted within certain limits.