SeaCurity Multiple Rescue System (MRS)

This rescue system allows up to 20 people, waiting for rescue in the water, to hold on to this inflatable buoyancy tube until they are rescued by supporting ships in close vicinity. The MRS was developed by us mostly for ships deployed in bigger rescue operations and passenger ferries/boats.

It may be used as well for light weight air vehicles such as Ultra Lights and Micro Lights for rescueing the air vehicle and the pilot. It could be used as a buoyancy device for bigger sailing ships and as well as a limitation buoy for protected water zones.

When approaching the victims in the water you attache the accompanying rescue line to the ship and then simply throw the small valise into the water; the MRS will automatically inflate.

Once recovered it may be re-used after having been re-armed with a special re-arming kit containing new bobbins, clips and one-way CO-2 cylinders. In case of emergency the rescue line can be cut with a knife attached the buoyancy chamber.


  • Length when inflated:  3.80 m

  • Diameter: 45 cm

  • Volume: 0,604 cbm

  • Weigth with CO-2 cylinder: 11,0 kg

  • Equipped with Halkey Roberts ALPHA automatic inflator

  • Buoyant safety knife

  • 2 x one-way CO-2 cylinders of 740 grams each

  • 40 meters rescue line attached

  • Packed in small red valise (Dimensions: Length 50 cm x height 35 cm x width 20 cm)