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Liferafts for leisure boats

Seamaster Liferaft
SeaCurity Offshore
SeaCurity ISO 9650-1, Gr. A
SeaCurity ISO 9650-1/SR, Gr. A
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Liferafts for merchant marine

SOLAS throw-over type
SOLAS davit launchable type
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Grab Bags

Grab Bag acc. ISO 9650-1
Grab Bag acc. ISO 9650-1
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Cradles for liferaft canisters

Universal Standard
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LED Signalling Torch
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Man-Overboard Systems

SeaCurity Rescue Marker Buoy
SeaCurity Rescue Hoister
SeaCurity Rescue Sling, foam
SeaCurity Sling Buoy
Emergency Ladder
SeaCurity DAN Buoy
Multiple Rescue System (MRS)
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Life jackets and accessories

Life jacket, foam (adults)
Life jacket, foam (children)
SeaCurity X-plore 150/275 N
SeaCurity X-treme 150/275 N
Life Jacket SOLAS,150N
Pet Life Jacket
Pet Life Jacket with leash line
Lifelines for life jackets
Signal Light
Signallicht, manuel
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Life buoys/Rescue lines

Lifebuoy SOLAS
Lifebuoy Holder, stainless steel
Lifebuoy container with post
Lifebuoy ATLANTIC 148 N
Lifebuoy PACIFIC 142 N
Lifebuoy post, stainless steel
Lifebuoy Horseshoe
Lifebuoy Horseshoe LED
Safety Kit (horsehoe, line, light)
Signal light for lifebuoy
Mounting bracket for ring und light
Mounting bracket ALU
Rescue line, 35 m, 8 mm
Water Rescue Line
Rescue line, 30 m, 8 mm
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Marine distress signals

Hand Flare, red
Buoyant Smoke Signal, orange
Rocket Parachute Flare, red
Storage case for signals
Canister for flares
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Immersion Suits / TPA

Immersion Suit
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Thermal Protective Aid.jpg

Board Bags

SeaCurity Dry Bags
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Electric boat motors

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