Man-Overboard Systems

SeaCurity Rescue Hoister (Salvage Sail)

This salvage sail has all necessary features in order to salvage a person from the water which fell overboard of a sail boat.


Since the 70-ies emergency physicians claim that victims should be salvaged from the water in a horizontal position. If salvaged in a vertical position there is always the danger of so-called rescue death whereby cold blood from the extremities is suddenly supplied to the cycle; it comes to circulatory failures.

The salvage sail is therefore an indispensable piece of equipment in order to lift persons out of the water in the correct position, be it on sailboats or other professional rescue boats which have the ability of mechanical heaving.


The SeaCurity Rescue Hoister can be fixed at 2 points on deck (e.g. rail stanchions) with 2 snap hooks through openings in the accompanying bag in such a  position on deck that the Rescue Hoister is available on the spot when needed.


The base of the triangular salvage sail will be fixed on deck of the boat at 4 holding points with the help of the accompanying rope slings with snap hooks. If possible, the salvage sail should cover still a short piece of the deck in order to ease the heaving procedure. The top of the salvage sail will be connected to the main or jib halyard. Thereafter, the salvage sail will be lowered into the water in order that the victim can float into it. By heaving the halyard with a winch the person can be lifted on deck. If the person is still in the position to move freely, it can use the steps integrated in the sail in order to mount the deck. There are straps attached to the sail in order to mount the sail more easily.


The salvage sail can be used as swimming ladder for boats with a high board.

In order to identify the sail during the night there are retro-reflective stripes integrated on the visible side of the sail.



  • Material: Pervious to water, tested according to EN 471

  • Light weight, high tensile strength

  • 4 rope slings of 8 mm diameter with 4 snap hooks, stainless steel

  • Retro-reflective stripes in the visible zone

  • Integrated steps

  • Integrated straps

  • Protecting bag

  • Dimension: 200 cm x 300 cm x 300 cm

  • Colour: Bright yellow

  • Weight: 5,4 kg