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SeaCurity Offshore

The SeaCurity Offshore liferaft is a true offshore raft without compromises. Although it did not undergo the ISO 9650 certification it fully complies with these standards.

Offshore liferafts as from manufacturing year 2013 has undergone some impressive improvements. Our main aim was to make this raft one of the lightest rafts on the market without compromising safety. We use a lighter fabric for the buoyancy tubes which still exceeds the requirements of ISO 9650. Through the use of new cylinders for the inflation of the rafts we reach a major weight saving. And finally, we have improved the production process of the canisters which allows further weight savings if the raft is packed in a canister. Dimensions of valises and canisters have thus been reduced.

The weight savings allow an easier handling of Offshore rafts with capacities of 10 and 12 persons.

The octagonal shape which improves the behaviour of the inflated liferaft in the waves significantly has been retained.


The liferaft consists of a three-chamber inflation system: Two superposed buoyancy tubes and a self-righting arch as a support for the canopy. The features and the emergency equipment make this liferaft a true offshore raft.

The maintenance interval is 3 years as the life raft is vacuum-packed inside the canister or the valise.


 Standard features:

  • SOLAS tested material for buoyancy, canopy, retro-reflective tapes, inflation system

  • 4 water stabilizing pockets with a total volume of 220 litres

  • Inflatable boarding ramp with ladder for convenient access  

  • Interior and external lighting

  • Ventilation window

  • Look-out port

  • Rainwater collection system

  • Thermal insulated floor

  • Sea anchor

  • Vacuum packed

  • External and internal grab lines

  • 2 overpressure valves, 3  top-up valves

  • 2 instruction manuals (one in the raft, one outside)

  • Improved canister with openings for the escape of condensate water

  • Rescue quoit with 30 m line

  • Strap under the bottom for erecting the raft

  • Floatable knife

  • Instruction table (pictogram), hung on ceiling

  • 6 seasickness pills p. person

  • One set of emergency equipment consisting of the following components:

3 x hand flares, 1 x torch, 1 x bailer, 2 x sponges, 1 x whistle, 1 x bellows, 1 x set of leak stopper plugs, 1 x signalling mirror, 1 x pair of paddles, 1 x fishing gear, 1 x graduated drinking cup, 1 x repair kit