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SeaCurity Seamaster

The SeaCurity Seamaster is a liferaft which covers all basic requirements for a liferaft. The focus was on price/performance ratio but without compromising the quality of the material used for the manufacturing of this liferaft.

The SeaCurity Seamaster consists of a three chamber inflation system: Two superposed buoyancy tubes and a self-righting arch as support for the canopy.

The service interval is 3 years as the liferaft is vacuum packed inside the canister/valise. It is offered with a capacity of 4 and 6 persons, either packed in a canister or a valise.

Standard Features:

  • ISO 9650 tested fabric for buoyancy tubes

  • SOLAS tested materials for canopy, retro-reflective tapes, inflation system

  • Steel cylinder, p-approved

  • 4 water stabilizing pockets with a total volume of 220 litres

  • Inflatable boarding ramp with ladder for easy boarding

  • Ventilation window

  • Look-out port

  • Rainwater collection system

  • Thermal insulated floor

  • Sea anchor

  • Vacuum packed

  • External and internal grab lines

  • 2 Overpressure valves, 3 top-up/deflation valves

  • 2 operation manuals/log books (one in the raft, one outside)

  • Improved canister with openings for the escape of condensate water

  • Rescue quoit with 30 m line

  • Strap under the bottom for erecting the raft

  • Floatable knife

  • Instruction table (pictogram), hung on ceiling

  • 6 seasickness pills p. person

  • One set of emergency equipment consisting of the following components:


  • 1 torch

  • 1 bailer

  • 2 sponges

  • 1 whistle

  • 1 hand pump

  • 1 set of leak stopper plugs

  • 1 pair of paddles

  • 1 fishing gear

  • 1 graduated drinking cup

  • 1 repair kit

Cradles for liferaft canisters